Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise is defined as any physical movement that makes the muscles work and forces the body to burn your calories. Although physical exercise has been associated with health benefits such as relieve of chronic pain and depression there are factors a good exercise program must address to be effective, a reliable exercise program needs to consider the age and health of the participants and it must address the goal of the physical activity. It is also important to note that to ensure they’re a progression in your exercise health goals you need to engage in regular exercises at the right intensity without forgetting to maintain a healthy diet, this is important because a good number of people engages in physical activities sporadically which slows their health progress, to avoid this make sure you do you search and learn about principles of physical exercise, this gives you a basic understanding of how often you are supposed to engage in physical exercise, intensity, rest period among other important things that can help you achieve your health goals. With a well designed and executed exercise program by an exercise professional you will get enormous benefits, we have listed a few in this article so continue reading.

Participating in physical activities have been observed to improve mood, reduce stress, anxiety, and stress, this is attributed to the ability of physical activity to trigger a part of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety, engaging in physical activities increase brain sensitivity hormones such as norepinephrine and serotonin which relieve feelings of depression, exercises have been associated with increased production of endorphins hormones that are known to produce positive feelings and reduce pain, also important about physical activities is that they reduce the symptoms of anxiety which help people suffering from anxiety to be aware of their mental status and use exercises for a distraction from their fears.

A well designed and executed exercise regimen help with weight loss, it is important to understand the relationship between physical exercises and energy expenditure, our body can spend energy in three main ways, digesting food, maintaining basic body functions such as heartbeats and breathing, and exercising, with dieting it reduces calorie intake which lowers your body metabolic rate which can delay weight loss, however, with regular physical exercise your body metabolic rate is increased which burn more calorie consequently fast bodyweight loss, exercise scientists have reported that combining aerobic exercises with resistance training maximizes bodyweight loss that is fat loss while maintaining or increasing muscle mass which is essential for a healthy body.

It has been shown that engaging in regular physical exercises promotes growth and development of muscle mass and bones, exercises such as resistance training lead to increased muscles mass which normally occurs when the body is repairing the damaged muscle fibers to adapt to the impacts of resistance training, however, this must be supported with sufficient protein intake, old people benefit from regular exercises by slowing down muscle loss which is important because as we age we start to lose muscle mass which can make us weak, furthermore, a well-structured exercises boost bone density for you people while it prevents osteoporosis for the old population. Those are some benefits of engaging in regular exercises.

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